• House de Waal 

Project Name: House de Waal
Area: Durbanville
Type of garden: Lush, forest feel
Maintenance requirements: Medium
Water requirements: Low-medium

The Brief: The Client relocated from Natal and wanted to create a lush garden that resembled the lush, tree rich garden they had at their previous home. They are keen birders and wanted to attract birds to their garden. We suggested a combination of small to medium sized trees for the narrow spaces. Indigenous, fruiting varieties such as the White pear (Apodytes dimidiata) and White stinkwood (Celtis africana) were chosen to attract insects & birds. To give the forest feel we suggested Leopard trees (Caesalpinia ferrea) in mass. Leopard trees were the ideal specimen due to their tall, slender growth habit and dappled shade in summer.

Mass plantings of ornamental grasses such as Carex “amazon mist”, Chlorophytum saundersiae and Dietes grandiflora were used to mimic the “forest floor” vegetation. A thick layer of wood chip mulch was also installed to retain moisture and keep weed growth at bay.