• Greywater Systems

Don’t we all love a lush green lawn? With water becoming a precious & scarce resource, artificial lawn is your next best option to save water and cut down on garden maintenance.

Utilising Greywater is an excellent way to save water & money. You've paid for it already so why not use it on your lawn rather than washing it down the drain.

We install a very basic but effective system that can divert all water from your washing machine, bath & showers to your lawn. We also install a bypass system in the event of a power failure (Load shedding) or in winter when you might not need all the extra water. All greywater will then be diverted back into the sewage system as per council regulations.

We do monthly servicing of your system where we lift the submersible pump to remove all particles that might have clogged the impellers. We also clean the inside of the greywater tank and treat it with a freshener. Afterwards we will test run the system to make sure all is 100% before we leave.
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