• Landscape Design & Installation

Picture yourself coming back from work. It is a lovely warm summer's evening and there is no way you will be cooking inside tonight. You light up a fire in the fire pit and watch the kids running around on the lawn while drinking or listening to water softly trickling from a water feature in the rear.

These are the memories we at Trees Online love to give to all our clients. It is our passion to create an outdoor living space – not just a garden. It needs to add value to your life. A place that gives enjoyment and where you can de-stress.

For us – Landscaping is therefore much more than simply covering the soil with the cheapest material possible. We put much effort into the planning and consultation process to make sure we give you our client the best possible value for money. We will draw up a comprehensive landscape plan & 3-dimensional renders for you to have a clear picture of what you will get.

Our fees are structured in such a way that if we get to do the installation, there will be no charge for the design.

If you only require advice and wish to do the installation yourself, we can negotiate a fair price on supplying you with landscape design & layout.

landscape design
landscape design