• House Neveling

Project Name: House Neveling
Area: Japanese Garden
Type of garden: Modern, Contemporary
Maintenance requirements: Low
Water requirements: Low

The Brief: The client wanted to transform her garden into a peaceful & tranquil environment. She works from home and require a living space that will help her relaxed and bring harmony to the working environment.

She always dreamt of having a Japanese garden, so we stepped in to help her make her wish come true. Being a North facing garden, the afternoon sun can be quite harsh. The client did however request that we do not plant too many tall growing trees so that she do not lose her sunset views of Table Mountain. Flowing water was also a requirement, so we created a water feature that incorporated a stunning railway sleeper wood focal point together with a simulated stream with various contrasting coloured & shaped pebbles. A combination of blue/grey & white stone chip was used to give that true “Zen” feeling. Boulders from an old fishpond was re-used as steppingstones for the pathway.