• Baronetcy Estate

Project Name: Baronetcy Estate
Area: Baronetcy Estate, Plattekloof
Type of garden: Indigenous
Maintenance requirements: Low, once a month
Water requirements: Low

The Brief: The house is situated in Baronetcy Estate, and borders on the Tygerberg Nature reserve. Only indigenous varieties endemic to the area and neighbouring nature reserve are allowed to be planted. This was a new build and we were contracted to install a low maintenance, waterwise garden with no lawns. This installation happened during the peak of the 2018 water crisis in the Western Cape. Waterwise gardening was and still is on everyone’s priority list. There was a large green belt along the Southern side of the property which had to be rehabilitated with the original “Renosterveld” species. This theme was then extended along the front of the building in order to create the idea that the house was built in between the natural veld.

The two large driveways created a triangular area where the client required a feature garden that would make a statement of colour and contrasts as one drove up towards the property. Mass Plantings of succulent varieties such as Echeveria spp., Crassula spp., Portulacaria spp. were used as a basis. For extra colour we incorporated wild garlic (Tulbaghia violacea). Three large Tree aloes (Aloe barberae) which are lit up at night were used to add height to the feature bed. On the second floor, the Jacuzzi & Pool courtyard was covered with an artificial lawn. A planter was installed along the very tall retaining wall. For height, we planted water pear (Syzegium guineense)