With our professional landscaping and irrigation services, your outdoor living areas can be largely self-sustaining and hassle-free! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a large surface area to reap the rewards of a professional landscaping project. Small, well-defined spaces like courtyards, patios, corners and walkways are ideal for focused landscaping projects. Quite often, it’s the areas you’re tempted to ignore that hold the most potential for becoming intimate, cosy and inviting spaces for ‘garden living’.  We offer a free consultation service for your landscaping requirements. View our Gallery for a visual experience of our landscaping projects.

Landscaping with trees

Selecting the right tree for that perfect spot in the garden can be exciting, or an exercise in frustration. There are so many different varieties to choose from, and many trees come at a cost. This is perhaps why numerous homeowners simply dash into the closest garden centre and grab the prettiest tree from the ‘On Sale’ stock.

In most cases the vision for that tree will be realised, but for some people, it’s the beginning of their worst nightmare because they are unaware of some basic guidelines relevant to selecting and planting a tree. Here are some handy tips:

Play areas for children – Plant large, shade trees away from play areas, but in line with the movement of the sun. This ensures that play areas are always shaded, without birds littering them from above.


Around the pool – Take care that trees do not deprive your pool area of afternoon sun. It’s important not to plant shade trees in line with the sun’s movement, or you’ll reduce the appeal of the pool.

  • Select a specific space around the pool that will be the designated shade area.
  • Avoid trees with aggressive surface roots that can damage the pavement or pool copings.
  • Do not plant trees that drop fruits that are high in tannins – these will stain your paving or pool copings when stepped on.

Roots and foundations/walls – Make sure that the tree you want to plant does not have an aggressive root system, that could damage your foundations and/or walls. Also avoid frequent, shallow irrigation. Rather water more infrequently but ‘deeper’ by means of a drip irrigation system. This encourages the roots to grow down deeper, away from the surface where they will thicken with time and disrupt your paving.


Overhead power lines – Ensure you’re aware of the estimated mature size of your tree so that it will not encroach on or damage power or telephone lines. This can be both dangerous and costly.


Along boundaries – Avoid future trouble with neighbours by making sure that trees are not planted too close to boundary walls, especially tree species that drop abundant leaves or fruits.


Underground structures & services – Avoid planting trees too close to drains, electric cables and other municipal or home services. Apart from the damage tree roots may cause, you might have to remove your beautiful tree in future so that a service valve or leak can be accessed.


Perspective – Maintain a balance between the mature size of your tree and the size of your home. A very large tree can make a small house appear dwarfed, while small trees around a huge mansion may appear shrub-like and contribute little to the appearance of the grounds. Always stand back, look at your house from the street or a distance, and then decide on the purpose of the tree or trees that you’d like to plant. Decide whether your trees are for privacy or screening, for creating a focal point in your garden, or to ‘frame’ your house.


Parking areas – As with play areas, try to prevent trees from extending their branches over your driveway. We all know what a mess birds can make of a newly cleaned vehicle! Once again, watch for aggressive or shallow root systems, and don’t plant trees that drop fruit or berries that are high in tannins as these may stain your paving.


Planting trees can be extremely relaxing and invigorating – above all, have fun while you create the garden in your imagination.

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